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Our industry-leading vehicle tracking system gives you full visibility of your fleet from the big picture down to an individual vehicle.

Monitoring overall progress instantly becomes easy, as does identifying specific problems and coming up with quick solutions.

Our system provides real-time location monitoring using GPS satellite data, showing you all individual vehicle positions in real time on a ‘live data’ map. You can see at a glance where your vehicles are, and what they are doing.

With powerful servers performing sophisticated analyses, distilling data into comprehensive but straightforward activity reports and real-time alerts, our system takes the effort out of measuring your fleet’s operational performance.

  • See where your vehicles are heading next, their ETA based on current progress and distances from destinations measured by road or as the crow flies distances
  • Set accurate polygonic geo-fences around depots or sites to alert on incoming vehicles or when a mobile worker is entering a known trouble spot
  • Drill down into specific route analysis information for individual vehicles and see time spent at various pre-defined location types, whist also highlighting time spent in restricted places that are not part of the planned journey
  • Zoom out in map view and automatically group vehicles to within an area, making information easier to absorb
  • View and compare activity types across several vehicles
  • See the actual time spent in different activities using business intelligence graphics