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Telematics has long been considered to be tracking of vehicles with some degree of calculation to estimate mileage and fuel use based on GPS tracking. At best this has delivered a “guesstimate” of true mileage and fuel use. When combined with fuel card use and all the inherent problems of mileage misreporting, improper purchases, driver error and fuel theft then true accuracy has always been problematic.

Telematics is now more properly thought of as data obtained from vehicle networks and combined with positioning data to deliver more accurate figures. Many fleets however have a mix of vehicles sourced from various HVG manufacturers as well as cars and vans. The many and varied standards deployed have made effective deployment a costly and technically difficult exercise.

TouchStar can offer a single solution that can collect data from all vehicles - cars and car derived vans, vans, LCVs and HGVs - irrespective of the many protocols used around the world.

This now means that a single solution can deliver true fuel and mileage data, CO2 emissions and carbon footprint data, driver style including throttle, brake, cruise control and driving input as well as all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

Now true MPG can easily be seen without the need to calculate. True odometer and mileage based on actual vehicle data is produced. Precise emissions calculations and Carbon Footprint can now be seen. Full DTC availability means that maintenance scheduling becomes a simple task with breakdown prevention and highlighting of faults automatic ally delivered.

This also means that full Duty of Care information is available to prevent potential corporate manslaughter problems. Information to prevent potential accidents and full data to support in the event of an accident occurring means that insurance premiums can be reduced.